Adopt Me is one of the most beloved games to have come out of Roblox, and there’s been plenty for fans to enjoy recently such as the arrival of a Peacock pet. While the Peacock was fantastic for fans, lots of people are asking: what time does the Ocean Egg come out in Adopt Me? Here you’ll find the release time for the Ocean Egg update.

As for Roblox itself, they have partnered up with Hasbro to bring immersive digital worlds to life. In addition, there is also talk of voice chat coming to the game in the future, which has understandably resulted in many concerns being shared online.

While voice chat in Roblox is a conundrum for the future, below you’ll discover the release time for when the Ocean Egg will come out in Adopt Me.

Adopt Me Ocean Egg update

Ocean Eggs are the big update for Adopt Me this week.

However, you should know that with the arrival of the Ocean Egg that Fossil Eggs will seize to be no more in Adopt Me.

This means you only have a very limited amount of time left to get the Fossil creatures.

As for what you can look forward to from the game’s impending update, the game’s Twitter account has teased the arrival of pets such as Sharks and Crabs.

In addition, the game’s trailer has also revealed two other sea critters.

What time does the Ocean Egg come out in Adopt Me?

The Ocean Egg will come out in Adopt Me at the release of time of 15:30 BST on April 16th.

This means that the Ocean Egg will also come out in Adopt Me at the release time of 07:30 PT and 10:30 ET.

Although there’s still a bit of a wait left, the good news is that there’s not too much longer.

Plus, in even better news, there’s plenty to enjoy between now and tomorrow such as the mini update which added pet greetings when you log in.