Popular vine star Adam Perkins passed away on April 11, at age 24. Fans on Twitter are mourning the loss of the young star. Find out what happened to Adam Perkins?

Adam had risen to popularity thanks to his viral, ‘Hi, Welcome to Chili’s video on Vine. After his ‘Welcome to Chilis’ video went viral he started created funny videos on Vine along with his brother Patrick Perkins. It was Adam’s brother Patrick, who shared the tragic news of Adam’s passing on his Instagram on April 14.

What happened to Adam Perkins?

Adam Perkins’ cause of death is yet to be revealed by his family.

Adam was one of the most popular personalities on Vine, the now-defunct social media app. During his time on the app, he had around 290,000 followers. It was after vine shut down, that the social media star started creating music. Adam Perkins’ Instagram handle boasts of over 45,000 followers.

It is highly likely that Adam Perkins’ cause of death will be revealed by his family in his obituary.

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Adam Perkins family mourns the vine star

Adam’s twin Patrick shared a picture of the two and wrote a heartfelt caption for his deceased brother. On his Instagram caption, Patrick wrote, “I can’t even really put into words what this loss means for me. I’m often asked the question, “what’s it like to be a twin?” and my response is usually, “what’s it like to NOT be a twin?” 

He further expressed, “being a twin is a very central part of my identity. it’s all i’ve known. and i’m struggling to find the words to explain what it will be like for me to live in this world without him. my best friend.”

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Aside from his twin brother Adam Perkins’ ex-boyfriend and close friend Kelton Elliot remembered the young star. Kelton shared the pictures of him and Adam on his Instagram. He also shared a snap from Adam’s 2018 song ‘Redwood Reverie.’

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Twitter mourns Adam Perkins death

Many fans posted their condolences on Adam Perkins’ Instagram handle. Fans on twitter are still reeling from the shock of Adams death. A fan wrote on twitter, “it’s hitting me super hard, he was such a big part of my growing up and I’ll never forget quoting his vines with my friends.’

Another fan wrote, “I am actually devastated that Adam Perkins died.”

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