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Troy Deeney told talkSPORT that he is ‘not looking forward’ to returning to the Premier League after watching Heung-Min Son’s antics for Tottenham on Sunday.

The Tottenham forward was heavily criticised for his actions which saw Manchester United’s opening goal being ruled out prior to their 3-1 win in North London.

Reacting To Your UNPOPULAR Football Opinions

Reacting To Your UNPOPULAR Football Opinions
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Son made a lot of being touched in the face by Scott McTominay, just before Edinson Cavani thought he had scored, but it wasn’t just that moment that annoyed Deeney.

The Watford hitman, whose team are sitting in the automatic places in the Championship, also blasted the Spurs man for how he went down towards the end of the first half when he was challenged by Marcus Rashford.

“I think Ole got it spot on, didn’t he? The games gone,” said Deeney. “It has absolutely gone. I am sick of coming up here and talking about VAR.

“If that’s a foul now then we are in serious, serious trouble going forward because there isn’t going to be any touching. It will just be, you shoot and I shoot and see who scores.

“The problem now is that they know VAR is going to look back at it, so if you get a little tap.

“There was one right at the end of the half when Son goes down. He has won it back off Rashford and then just drops. He somehow gets a foul. I am like ‘I am not looking forward to going back to that next year’.”

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It was Son’s actions after the foul that was given that annoyed the Manchester United boss, who then had a war-of-words with Jose Mourinho.

In Tottenham’s All or Nothing documentary, Mourinho urged his players to be a colourful word unable to be used on here, but that’s what Son is probably doing being a… in order for Spurs to win at all costs.

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