Actors Kim Jung-Hyun and Seo Ye-Ji have been wrapped around in drama after their relationship details came to light. Here’s a look at how things changed from dating to drama.

Seo Ye-Ji became the talk of the town following her performance in ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay.’ Recently, the actress found herself in controversy after it was reported that she was controlling her then-boyfriend, Kim Jung-Hyun. The drama emerges from the time Jung- Hyun was part of ‘Time’ drama.

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Kim Jung-Hyun and Seo Ye-Ji relationship explored

The pair kept their relationship under wraps for a long time. In June 2020, reporter Kim Yong spoke about the actress in a live stream, as reported by Allkpop. In it, he also mentioned that Jung-Hyun and Ye-Ji had dated for a long time.

However, he claimed their relationship was not all fairytale-like. The reporter went on to add that Jung- Hyun’s colleagues had been worried about him because of their relationship. The news about Jung-Hyun dating Ye-Ji comes days after people speculated that the actor might be dating his ‘Crash Landing On You’ co-star  Seo Ji-Hye.

Several people on social media started speculating that a romance was brewing between the two. However, their agencies denied this.

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Kim Jung-Hyun and Seo Ye-Ji drama explained

The drama started on the sets of MBC’s romance drama, Time, in 2018. Jung-Hyun was starring alongside Girl’s Generation. It was alleged that Jung-Hyun was prohibited from doing any romantic scenes with his fellow co-star.

Korean news site released text messages between Kung-Hyun and Ye-Ji which showed that the actress asked him to “get rid of all skinship scenes.” Skinship comes from ‘skin’ and ‘friendship’. To put it in simple words, Ye-Ji preferred there were no romantic scenes involved between the two.

The site also showed the conversation between the two. At the moment, it is unconfirmed if these are true. You can read the entire conversation here.

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Kim Jung-Hyun’s company responds to the rumors

Jung-Hyun’s company, O& Entertainment stated, “We don’t know anything about this. We have nothing to say, especially since we’re in dispute with the actor as well.”

On April 13th, Ye-Ji’s agency Gold Medalist said in a statement (via “Hello, this is Gold Medalist. This is our official position on the recent reports regarding actress Seo Ye-ji. Firstly, we would like to apologize for the delay in sharing our official position. As a result of our confirmation with Kim Jung-hyun, it was clearly confirmed by him the drama-related controversy was not caused by Seo Ye-ji, and he expressed his own intentions on sharing his official position.”

“Also, we would like to apologize for the damage caused to the movie ‘Recalled’, the other actors, and reporters as our actress was not able to attend today’s press conference and media preview,” adding, “apart from Kim Jung-hyun’s position, we would like to express our own position.”

The full statement is available on

As per O& Entertainment, Jung-Hyun’s contract does not get over for another 11 months. The two are still in disagreement while Jung-Hyun looks for a new agency.

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