Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games available and fans are awaiting its spring update with Hero Pets for Town Hall 14. Lots of people are asking when is the Clash of Clans TH 14 update coming out in 2021, and below you’ll discover the latest release date news, as well as the revelation of Hero Pets for CoC.

Supercell have confirmed that they’re making three new games to expand on their mobile universe which is very exciting news. These games include Clash Quest, Clash Heroes, and Clash Mini, all of which have unique qualities and allures to them.

While the above in-development titles are stuff to anticipate, below you’ll find the latest release date news for when the Clash of Clans TH 14 update is coming out in 2021.

Clash of Clans Hero Pets

Hero Pets have been revealed for Clash of Clans Town Hall 14.

When you upgrade your Clash of Clans village to Town Hall 14, you will be able to get Hero Pets by unlocking a brand new building named the Pet House.

This is where you can manage your loyal animals by assigning them to your heroes as well as upgrading them. Know that one animal can be assigned to any hero.

In addition to the above, you will also be able to upgrade your Pet House to get access to new Hero Pets.

As for how you upgrade the animals, you will need to use Magic Items with Book of Heroes and Hammer of Heroes.

Check out the game’s website for more information.

When does the Clash of Clans TH 14 update come out?

The release date for when the Clash of Clans TH 14 update will come out is April 12th 2021.

Clash of Clans’ official Twitter account has confirmed that the release date for when the Town Hall 14 update will come out to download is April 12th 2021 with maintenance starting soon.

There’s no time announced for when maintenance is happening, but the game’s official Twitter account has posted that it’s soon at the time of writing.

Follow the game’s official Twitter account for more information.