The name and age of TikTok star Justine Paradise started trending after she came out with allegations against YouTuber Jake Paul.

Justine Paradise is a huge TikTok personality who recently attracted the attention of many online users after her latest YouTube video.

So, who is Justine and what is her age? Here’s why the name of the social media star has been trending.

Justine Paradise’s YouTube channel

Who is Justine Paradise?

Justine Paradise is a popular TikTok star with 524k followers on the social media platform.

She gained fame for creating comedy and lip-sync videos on her account, as well as different make-up and outfit looks.

The online personality gained a lot of popularity on YouTube after she bought a Mercedes sprinter van and started creating travel vlogs for her channel.

Justine’s name and age has been trending after she released a 20-minute YouTube video in which she came out with sexual assault allegations against YouTuber-turn-boxer Jake Paul. Jake, 24, has not publicly responded to the allegations at the time of writing.

Justine Paradise: Age

Justine Paradise is 24 years old. She was born on March 4th, 1997 and celebrated her birthday last month.

The online personality rose to stardom on the internet back in 2018 when she was in her early 20s.

She gained more popularity and followers after she created her TikTok account in October, 2018.

Meet Justine Paradise on Instagram

The young social media star is also on Instagram (@justineparadise) where she has amassed a following of 62.7k fans.

On her bio, she indicates that she is currently based in Los Angeles and that she is a “travel girlie”.

Justine has continued to make road trip travels during the pandemic and regularly shares snippets from the places she has visited.

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