Ben Azelart has over 6 million subscribers on YouTube, where he has had a large platform making videos with his friends for the last several years.

The YouTuber and influencer recently uploaded a new video showing his fans his new house in Southern California, as well as giving them a house tour.

For more information on Ben Azelart including his net worth, Instagram, and new house, read on.

Ben Azelart net worth revealed

Ben Azelart has a net worth of $1.6 million, according to Naibuzz.

The YouTuber has 5.7 million followers and over 6.6 million subscribers on YouTube, where he posts videos of pranks, adventures, and vlogs.

Ben is also the founder of “Stay Wild,” which is described as a place where “Ben Azelart and his two best friends share their craziest experiences as friends and the ongoing adventures of being thrill seeking entertainers.”

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Ben Azelart shows off new house tour on YouTube

On April 12th, Ben Azelart uploaded a new video showing off his new house. Before showing fans around, he said:

“I am literally speechless that this is my house, I cannot thank you guys enough for all your support, this would not be possible without any of you guys.”

Ben took fans on a tour of the house, showing them the kitchen, living room, pantry, backyard and more.

The large Californian house has a swimming pool, a fish tank- gum ball machine, and other features which Ben stated was “perfect” for him.

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Where is Ben Azelart’s new house?

In a previous video, titled “I’m moving away,” Ben told his closest friends that he was moving somewhere new.

He originally pranked them, stating that he was moving to New York, before revealing that it was all a lie and that he was only moving “ten minutes down the road.”

Ben, along with his best friend Brent Rivera, lives in Huntington Beach, California, so it is presumed his new house is still in the same area.

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