April 12th is finally here and people on Twitter and Instagram have started celebrating with hilarious memes.

The next lockdown easing is today on Monday, April 12th which means that shops, pub gardens, gyms and hairdressers are finally able to reopen again after being closed for months.

This is step two under the roadmap and Brits are excited to meet their friends for a drink and start their summer shopping ahead of their holiday plans.

Many people have already taken to social media to celebrate and share their plans. Here is a round up of the best 21 memes.

Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

20 best April 12th memes

What the line outside of Primark will look like on April 12th. We are having a déjà vu right now.

You and your best mate beating everyone else headed to the pub.

We will all look glamorous and dressed up for our first outdoor dining of the year. Going to get our fancy dresses right now.

But the UK weather had something completely different on its mind for April 12th.

We wish we could dress like this for a pub garden day with our besties.

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What does and what doesn’t spark joy. We hear you and completely agree with you, Marie Kondo.

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Yes, we can finally get our hairs done. That’s what we’re most excited about.

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The Brits the night before pub gardens and outdoor dining places reopen.

Unfortunately, this is what April 12th would like for many Brits today.

That’s pretty hilarious too.

Okay, how did you get an appointment so fast?

Me fighting my way to the front line of Primark.

Every UK boss asking their employee to turn on their cameras today.

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The nation waking up so early like it’s Christmas again.

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Beer gardens across the UK by midday today.

Primark and all other shop workers across the UK today.

Everyone was looking forward to eating and drinking out again. But that’s not what the UK weather had planned.

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Trying to remember how to dress nice when the pubs open again.

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Patiently waiting to get our haircut appointment on Monday, April 12th.

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Living the dream again.

Best of luck to all shop workers today and for the rest of the week.

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