Natalie Viscuso has been revealed as actor Henry Cavill’s girlfriend as the couple both make their relationship public via Instagram in April 2021.

While many reports have stated that Henry is dating a woman named Danielle Beausoleil, it turns out that his current girlfriend is in fact Natalie Viscuso. So, let’s find out more about the leading lady in the Man of Steel actor’s life.

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Natalie and Henry share the same post to IG

Both Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso shared the same photo to Instagram on April 11th, 2021.

A snap of the couple playing chess was uploaded to IG with Henry referring to Natalie as his “love” and Natalie referring to Henry as her “dear”.

Previous to this post it was unclear whether Henry was dating anyone. He took to IG on Valentine’s Day in 2020 to share that he was single. But, rarely posts in relation to his love life.

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Who is Natalie Viscuso?

Natalie Viscuso is the Vice President of Legendary Entertainment’s Television and Digital Studios. We can assume that Natalie is around 32 years old in 2021.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Natalie graduated with a degree from the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California in 2011.

She has spent many years in the entertainment industry, so it’s no wonder that she and Henry Cavill have crossed paths!

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Meet Natalie Viscuso on Instagram

Natalie Viscuso can be found on Instagram @nviscuso. She has almost 27k followers while her boyfriend can be found on IG @henrycavill with around 15m followers.

Henry’s new girlfriend often takes to IG to share what she’s been up to in her life including attending Comic Con as part of the ‘Wonder Women in Entertainment panel’ in 2019. She’s also attended the Golden Globes in the past.

Natalie regularly posts to Instagram and took to the social media site in 2018 to remember her late mother. She also often shares snaps of her adorable French Bulldog named Meat.

One Twitter user wrote that Natalie was on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. Throwing it all the way back to 2005, Natalie can be seen handing out 1000 invitations to her school friends for the big party!

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