Several people wondered if rapper Cash Kidd was dead after a death hoax hit social media. In reality, the rapper is doing fine. Here’s a look at how the rumor started.

Lately, many celebrities have been a victim of a death hoax, and now, Cash Kidd was its new victim. Luckily, the rapper decided to put an end to the rumor before it got out of hand. He broke his silence on Instagram and made it clear that he was not happy with such rumors being passed around.

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Cash Kidd is NOT dead

The rumor about Cash Kidd’s death started after a fake report claimed that the rapper was shot and killed in a Detroit shooting incident. The report further claimed that there were two victims and one of them was the rapper.

However, these are completely false. This hoax spread like wildfire after some of Cash Kidd’s fans believed the news.

At the same time, a Twitter page called BGD Reporters confirmed the news of Cash Kidd’s death without any proof. This post also contributed to some of his fans getting confused.

Cash Kidd’s breaks his silence on Instagram

The rapper decided to end these rumors by sharing a post on his Instagram stories. He said: You all are weird as hell. I don’t know who started this sh*t, but bro, stop playing with me.”

He further claimed that these rumors were probably made by someone who was “clout chasing.” It is still unclear who started this rumor. However, the rapper sure is not leaving space for such rumors to go out of hand.

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Is Cash Kidd bringing out new music?

At the moment, the rapper has not discussed any future plans. He had released his album No Cash 2 in December and opened up about it on his Instagram.

He had posted: “what’s y’all favorite line/song from the tape? Mine is “We On” appreciate all my supporters. I gotta surprise for y’all before the year-end.”

Meanwhile, looking at his last post on Instagram, it looks like Cash Kidd is enjoying his life at the moment. He showed off his Fendi products in a February 23 post. He captioned the post as: “Can’t think for yoself gotta think for the team.”

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