A clip of rapper Black Rob in the hospital went viral on April 9. Several people have been wondering why is Black Rob in the hospital and what happened to the rapper.

Black Rob, whose real name is Robert Ross, became famous for his 2000 hit single “Whoa!” The rapper was formerly signed to Bad Boy. Over the years, Rob managed to make a name for himself in the industry with his music. However, fans are concerned about his health after a video revealed he had been hospitalized.

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Why is Black Rob in the hospital?

People got to know about his health condition after  DJ Self posted a video of him on his Instagram. He asked his followers and fans to pray for the rapper.

In the video, Bob says, “I don’t know, the pain is crazy, man. It’s helping me out though, it’s making me realize I got a lot to go.” He also spoke about rapper DMX who passed on April 9. He said: “I feel everything about X. X was positive. Love to X.”

On April 11, DJ Self uploaded another video of Black Rob in which the rapper gave details about his health. He said: “I have been dealing with this for five years. Four strokes, I don’t know what to tell you, man. This sh*t is crazy and this sh*t is hard.”

The rapper also revealed his financial condition is bad. He said: “I don’t have no house to live in.” He further added, ” I don’t know what people going to do or what people going to say. I need some blessing, man. My side is killing me.”Previously, the rapper had suffered a stroke in 2015.

Twitter reacts to Black Rob’s video

Rob’s video caught the attention of many as fans could not believe how weak he looked. This raised concerns about his health, and many wished him a speedy recovery.

One user wrote: “Omg!!! My prayers are with Black Rob!!! I did not expect to see him that way!!! First, we lost X & now we see Black Rob in bad condition!!! Prayers man!!!”

Another added, “That video of Black Rob is really too sad, especially after the very recent loss of DMX. You never know what struggles people are going through. Prayers up for him.” “Seeing Black Rob in the hospital breaks my heart. I couldn’t finish the video, bad enough we lost DMX now I have to say a prayer for Black Rob. I know it’s April but damn I asked for rain not tears,” read another comment.

Another added, “Mang what’s going on! Yo! now Black Rob mang! 2021 is as bad as 2020 pull through Black Rob!” “First the passing of DMX, and now I’m seeing Black Rob is in the hospital as well. The video was pretty tough to look at. I hope he gets better. Keeping him in my prayers. The last few days have been rough for hip hop,” said another.

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