Slip and slide kickball is the latest TikTok challenge to go viral. With just a few grocery store essentials, endless amounts of fun can be had for people of all ages.

Thanks to a bout of warmer weather the new TikTok trend is taking off in 2021. We’ve all heard of kickball, as well as the garden fun of slip and slide, now the two are combined. Some people are even turning the trend into a drinking game.

What is the slip and slide kickball trend on TikTok?

The hashtag ‘#slipandslidekickball’ is trending on TikTok in April 2021.

The TikTok videos show families and friends all taking part in games of slip and slide kickball.

The game is almost like rounders, where the ball is kicked and each person has to run from one base to the next.

The fun of slip and slide kickball? Each base is a paddling pool and the slipping and sliding is really turned up as washing up liquid is poured all over the course before the games begin.

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Why has slip and slide kickball gone viral?

The game of slip and slide kickball has been around for a while, but the TikTok trend looks to have taken off thanks to some warmer weather. People may also have some more spare time due to the pandemic lockdowns.

One TikTok user wrote that the game was a crafty way of getting around lockdown boredom as beaches, pools and many more places are closed due to Covid-19.

Many more uploaded the main reason for the hilarity of the game – bloopers and outtakes – tonnes of people can be seen falling, flipping, slipping and sliding in slo-mo on the social media site.

What supplies are required for slip and slide kickball?

To set up a game of slip and slide kickball yourself is pretty easy, you’ll need an open space for a start.

Plastic or tarpaulin sheets are required for each ‘runway’ in the game. Four children’s paddling pools filled with some water and act as the ‘bases’. Other supplies include washing up liquid and a ball, of course.

The summer fun doesn’t stop at just being kid-friendly, either. The slip and slide kickball game has also been turned into a drinking game. Players have to drink a drink and flip the cup over before sliding to the next base.

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