Attack on Titan chapter 139 may be available but from the community reaction, it appears that the fandom is disappointed with how the manga series ended.

It’s a historic week for fans of Attack on Titan with the final chapter of the manga series releasing around the world.

The chapter was released on Thursday, Aptil 8th, dropping one day earlier than expected.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Attack on Titan community is disappointed with how the series has wrapped up; let’s take a look at some fan reactions to chapter 139!

SPOILER WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for Attack on Titan chapter 139. You can read a full breakdown of leaked spoilers here.

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Fans react to Attack on Titan 139…

  • There has been a mixed reaction online to the final chapter of Attack on Titan from fans of the series, with many expressing disappointment at how chapter 139 concluded the story.

I highly doubt that any particular ending to Attack on Titan would have satisfied the entire community – there are always people who will complain after all.

However, there has been an obviously mixed reaction to the final chapter in the manga series. Some fans have praised chapter 139, some have criticized it as unfulfilling and others have expressed their thanks for experiencing such an iconic series first hand.

On one side, many fans are expressing their gratitude and satisfaction with how the AOT manga has concluded.

However, there are countless fans who are sharing their disappointment in the ending on social media, claiming they feel let down and unsatisfied with how Erens story wrapped up.  

Popular YouTuber and fan-favourite anime commentator ‘ForneverWorld’ probably summed up the situation the most clearly and decisively.

“I’d be lying if I said that I was fulfilled by that. It felt like Eren died for nothing…Fam I’ll be honest with you, I am disappointed.” – ForneverWorld.

ForneverWorld goes on to state that, “There were some good moments in there and my bleeds right now for Mikasa. Seeing her there at the gravesite, that destroys me, like that right there is dope, it’s sad and is good for her character arc.”

However, like many of us long-time fans of the series, he adds “I don’t like how that ends with basically everything Eren did was for nothing…I feel like we were slapped in the face to a certain degree.”

Whilst it is a shame that the community may have been divided by chapter 139, this has still been an incredible ride and we should thank Hajime Isayama for his work with building this world that we have all indulged in for years.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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