The Day Before is a survival zombie game MMO that has drawn comparisons to The Last Of Us thanks to many reasons including just the font of its title. It has recently wowed gamers with ten minutes of zombie shooting and farmhouse looting, and this has resulted in people in the droves asking: is The Day Before coming to console for PS4 and Xbox One? Here you’ll find whether the game will be console, and you’ll also discover an explanation for its Q2 2021 release date.

Zombie games are nothing unique and there’s mind-boggling news that a remake of The Last of Us in development. While a remake of The Last of Us sounds bizarre when not taking financial gain into consideration, the new zombie title that is the crux of this piece is awfully exciting thanks to its luscious graphics, vehicle gameplay, and so much more.

Many gamers have been keeping an eye on it since its announcement back in January, and below you’ll discover whether The Day Before is coming to console for PS4 and Xbox One.

When is the Q2 2021 release date for The Day Before?

The release date previously given for The Day Before was Q2 2021.

Provided this release date window hasn’t been delayed behind the scenes, Q2 2021 suggests that The Day Before will come out prior to the end of June.

It’s possible that the game comes out later, and its newest gameplay trailer merely stated at the end that it is ‘coming out soon’.

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The game has a page over on the Steam store where you can add it to your wishlist. Its listed system requirements on Steam suggest you will need a whopping 75 GB of space.

While the open-world survival MMO will be available on Steam, below you’ll discover if it is coming to console.

Will The Day Before be on console?

The Day Before will not be on console for PS4 or Xbox One.

It will not be on console for PS4 or Xbox One, but there is the possibility that The Day Before will eventually be on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Although a PS5 and Xbox Series X announcement hasn’t been made as of yet, developer Fntastic have said they are considering next-gen consoles when speaking to Gamingbolt back in March 2021.

It’s possible that the game could come to PS5 and Xbox Series X after its PC launch, but it is not announced for any console as of yet.

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