Sunglasses brand Pit Viper are under fire for a comment they made on Instagram, but what did they say?

As you’ve been scrolling through social media this week, you may have seen a lot of posts about sunglasses retailer Pit Viper.

The brand is involved in some drama after followers saw them post something strange on their Instagram on Easter Sunday.

However, many people are convinced that they must have been hacked.

Here’s the controversy explained…

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What did Pit Viper say on Instagram?

On Easter Sunday, Pit Viper Sunglasses posted a bizarre comment on one of their Instagram photos that caught the attention of some of their 600,000 followers.

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The exact comment is far too explicit to link here, but it was essentially a long, x-rated and very vulgar paragraph that was incredibly inconsiderate towards Jesus and Easter.

If you want to exactly what they said, you can see it in this TikTok video. But don’t say we didn’t warn you!


…and they deleted their response to my comment too….

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Was Pit Viper hacked?

Following the explicit Easter comment, Pit Viper have been getting a lot of backlash on social media as people call out the disgusting post.

However, others have suggested that Pit Viper were probably hacked. The comment certainly seemed very out of place, and the brand has not been involved in any drama like this before.

Others think that it may have been a Pit Viper employee who accessed the Instagram and posted the comment, which could certainly be a possibility.

The comment has been deleted by Pit Viper, but the brand has not yet spoken out about the controversy.

Until Pit Viper makes a statement, we’ll never know what really happened.

#BreakThePits takes over social media

After the Easter Sunday post, some people have decided that they no longer want to support Pit Viper.

As a result, the #BreakThePits trend has emerged on social media that sees people filming themselves breaking their Pit Viper sunglasses and uploading it to social media in retaliation.

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