Where does A Million Little Things take place? Here is the filming location of the ABC series explored.

A Million Little Things returned for its midseason premiere on ABC on March 11th, after the series took a short break due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While many viewers are excited to watch the new episodes, a number of them wonder where exactly the show takes place.

So, let’s explore the filming location of A Million Little Things.

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A Million Little Things on ABC

The show returned on ABC on Thursday, March 11th.

The series was originally set to come back on March 4th, but according to Deadline, the “unpredictable production interruptions and delays” due to the current pandemic situation have affected the show’s scheduling.

And there’s more news. Starting from April 7th, A Million Little Things started airing on Wednesday nights.

The third season has a total of 18 episodes.

Where does A Million Little Things take place?

The story of A Million Little Things takes place in Boston, Massachusetts.

However, the actual filming location takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Back in November last year, crew filmed at the Ironworks Studio at 235 Alexander Street in Gastown, as well as outside on the 100 block of Alexander Street. There was a temporary road closure due to filming at the time.

According to a report, production of the first season cost a whopping $27 million. The money was spent on over 750 local businesses including production facilities, equipment and automobile rentals, and others.

More filming locations of the ABC series

One of the recognised locations of the series must be Pacific National Exhibition, a non-profit organisation that operates a summer fair and a seasonal amusement park in Vancouver.

Filming took place during the show’s first few episodes in season 1.

Another location of A Million Little Things includes the Vancouver Aquarium.

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