If you have been on TikTok, you will definitely have heard the latest viral sound, which is known as the “Waking up in The Morning” song.

People on TikTok have been using the sound to share their most embarrassing memories, so if you fancy a giggle you should have a scroll through the sound on the app.

The song actually dates back to 2011 and surprisingly is from an episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey in which 10 year-old Gia Giudice performs her “Sad Song” at a birthday party.

Gia, who is now 20 years- old, has found the trend hilarious and uploaded her own version on TikTok, where she lip synched along to the song.

Who sings the Waking up in The Morning song?

The song was originally written and sung by 10-year-old Gia Giudice on reality show The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Gia performs the song at her sister’s birthday party which happens in the third season of the show which aired in 2011.

The lyrics are about her parents Teresa and Joe Giudice, arguing with Melissa and Joe Gorga. They are as follows:

Waking up in the morning
Thinking about so many things
I just wish things would get better
I’m trying to get rid of them
But nothing seems to stay the same
Woke up in the morning
Doing my hair and makeup and getting my clothes on
Walking into school
Thinking about what’s going to happen next

Gia Guidice recreates Waking up in The Morning song

Although the song is from way back in 2011, it has become a popular sound on TikTok, which means the Gia herself has seen her song make a comeback online.

Gia uploaded a video of herself lip synching to the song on TikTok which she captioned: “here you go everyone.”

Other celebrities also joined in with the trend, including Cardi B who tweeted: “Thinking about deleting this app until I drop my next little project… but then again where I’m going to hear ‘wakin up in the morning thinkin about so many things I just wish things will get better’?”

Will Smith also made a video to the song. Speaking about it to E News, Gia said: “I had a bunch of friends sending me text messages saying ‘Will Smith was singing your song on Instagram,’ and when I saw it, I couldn’t believe it. I love Will Smith and I thought it was really cool that he did that.”

Best Waking up in The Morning TikTok videos


I’m grateful to those 8 people. We had a blast. I was only sad for a minute. ☕️ #starbucksparty #coffeeparty #wakingupinthemorning #birthdayparty

♬ original sound – Amir Yass

the amount of friends I have now, portrayed in photos😭 #OurHouse2021 #sad

♬ original sound – Amir Yass

By far the most embarrassing moment of my life! #QuickerPickerRapper #fyp

♬ original sound – Amir Yass

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