Rex Manning Day has taken over Twitter with memes and gifs, but what actually is it?

April 8th marks Rex Manning Day for fans of the film Empire Records, which released in 1995. The coming-of-age movie documents a Delaware record store, with Liv Tyler and Renee Zellweger starring as the employees.

Every year, the day becomes an opportunity for fans to celebrate their love for the film, often sharing memes and quotes online.

But, what does it mean?

In Empire Records, fictional character (albeit very close to reality) Rex Manning is a 80s pop heartthrob. The character appears at the record store for an appearance on April 8th, leading employees to comedically dub the day ‘Rex Manning Day’.

“But we musn’t dwell. No, not today. We can’t! Not on Rex Manning Day,” has become one of the most iconic lines from the movie, poking fun at the 80s pop singer’s importance.

Why April 8th? Actor Ethan Embry, who stars as Mark, explained on Twitter, “The reason we picked April 8th as the day to have the powdered/coifed Rex Manning visit Empire is because Kurt was found [dead] on the 8th of April, the day the music of the 90s lost its mascot.”

Since its release, April 8th has become a day for Empire Records fans to remember the movie and celebrate it equally.

Rex Manning Day memes flood Twitter

2021 is no different either, this year fans have once more taken to social media to celebrate the iconic day.

Whether it be a simple gif, a quote or a meme, Rex Manning has taken over the timelines of both Empire Records fans and seemingly everyone else.

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