Need a breakdown for the My Hero Academia manga chapter 308 release date? Check out our full rundown for international audiences here!

Make no mistake about it, after the conclusion of Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen, the next few months will belong to the My Hero Academia franchise.

With the debut of season 5 last weekend and the premiere of the third theatrical movie confirmed, the world belongs to Deku right now.

However, there was some considerable confusion surrounding the upcoming chapter of the MHA manga, with different sources claiming different release dates.

In this article, we breakdown the release date and time for My Hero Academia chapter 308 around the world as well as any spoilers that have surfaced online.

My Hero Academia chapter 308: Release date

  • My Hero Academia chapter 308 is scheduled to release on Sunday, April 11th.

On March 30th, had reported that the My Hero Academia manga series would be taking a break and chapter 308 would release on Sunday, April 11th.

This confused many fans as it contradicted the official Viz Media website which showed an April 4th release for MHA 308.

It was then confirmed on social media that the manga would be taking a break for one week due to the author’s health complications.

My Hero Academia chapter 308: Release time

My Hero Academia chapter 308 is expected to release at midnight JST. If this release date and time remains correct, then we can expect the English translations to be available at the following times for international audiences.

  • Pacific Time: 9-11 AM
  • Central Time: 11 AM-1 PM
  • Eastern Time: Noon-2 PM
  • British Time: 4-6 PM
  • European Time: 5-7 PM

My Hero Academia 308: Spoilers

SPOILER WARNING: Do not read on unless you wish to know potential spoilers for MHA 308.

  • The title of the chapter is All Out and opens with Deku being reunited with the Muscular man.
  • Muscular says that he has been waiting for this moment and only rampaged so he could get Deku’s attention.
  • He tries to leap at Deku but falls short and crashes into a building, he then orders Deku to go ‘all out’ on him.
  • Deku brought Shindo to Tatami and tells her to treat his wounds whilst apologising for being late.
  • Deku uses smokescreen to hide their location but realises he has used too much as it is revealed that he is having trouble controlling the quirks.
  • Muscular man is able to withstand 100% OFA and so uses quirks individually, using smokescreen (6th), float (7th), blackwhip (5th) and then danger sense (4th).
  • Deku asks Muscular where Shigaraki and AFO are, but he says that he doesn’t know and then emphasises again that he wants Deku to go all out.
  • He then says that this was his only path to take in life and that his heart only exists in “blood and battle”.
  • Muscular man then says that Deku is being boring, but all of a sudden his muscles start to tear up.
  • This is because Deku has used the vibration quirk, which is why Muscular couldn’t jump very high.
  • He calls Deku cunning, but Deku responds by saying that this was him being “all out”.

As always, leaked spoilers may not be 100% accurate and please read chapters through official sources.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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