Who is Isabella Stewart of Gardner Museum documentary on Netflix? Let’s explore the 2021 mini-series, This Is a Robbery.

When scrolling through Netflix, many of us find ourselves in the mood for a documentary and the streaming service has given birth to many non-fiction obsessions over the years.

Their true crime output is often destined for popularity and 2021 has already given subscribers such binge-worthy titles as Murder Among the Mormons, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel and Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer.

One of the latest turns attention away from forgery and murder to theft – a very, very notable theft at that.

This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist arrived on the platform in April and is a four-part series exploring the 1990 theft of 13 art pieces from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Posing as cops, two men entered the premises and tied up the security guard before getting away with $500 million worth of property.

The Netflix documentary has ignited curiosity, so who is the Isabella Stewart of Gardner Museum’s name?

still from This Is a Robbery, Netflix

Netflix: Who is Isabella Stewart of Gardner Museum?

Isabella Stewart was an American art collector and philanthropist who founded the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.

She was born in New York City in 1840 into a well-off family; her father – David Stewart – imported Irish linen and later made more of his fortune through investments, according to GardnerMuseum.org.

She was privately educated in New York and later abroad, being introduced to John “Jack” Lowell Gardner Jr. by a Paris classmate. They married in 1860 shortly before she turned 20 and the couple moved to John’s hometown of Boston

Three years later they had a son – John Lowell Gardner III, Jackie – who sadly died of pneumonia before he turned two. In 1867, the pair went to northern Europe and Russia to stave off depression, inspiring a string of trips around the globe.

Later in life, she began collecting rare books and manuscripts after joining the Dante society and in 1884 she and Jack visited the Palazzo Barbaro for the first time. The Venetian palace owned by Daniel and Ariana Curtis became a gathering place for painters and art connoisseurs, and the place served as an inspiration in creating the Gardner Museum.

In 1886, Isabella met Bernard Berenson, a Harvard student who would go on to become her chief art advisor. The pair worked to collect many important pieces and he once said of her: “She lives at a rate and intensity, with a reality that makes other lives seem pale, thin and shadowy.”

This Is a Robbery: Opening the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Jack Gardner died of a stroke in 1898 and six weeks later, Isabella Gardner continued with their plan to acquire land in the Fens.

Local architect Willard T. Sears was requested to devise plans for a museum and construction commenced in 1899. It took two years to complete and Isabella moved into living quarters on-site, focusing entirely on arranging the art displayed on the first three floors.

Throughout 1901 and 1902, she installed an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, tapestries and so forth, and would continue to acquire more stunning works until her passing.

The grand opening took place on January 1st, 1903 and the likes of Charles Eliot Norton, William James, and BSO founder Henry Higginson were in attendance. A month later, it was opened to the public.

Although she suffered a stroke in 1919, guests would continue to flock to the museum up until her death in 1924, asserting that the museum would continue to be “for the education and enjoyment of the public forever.” Additionally, she included in her will that no pieces from the collection will be sold after her departure.

This Is a Robbery is now streaming on Netflix.

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