Fans are wondering if Delilah is leaving A Million Little Things following her latest storyline on the ABC series.

A Million Little Things returned for its midseason premiere on ABC on Thursday, March 11th, after the show took a short break due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As much as viewers are excited that the series is back on their screens, many are worried about Delilah’s fate.

So, is Delilah leaving A Million Little Things?

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A Million Little Things: Season 3

A Million Little Things returned on ABC on Thursday, March 11th.

The series was originally set to come back on March 4th, but according to Deadline, the “unpredictable production interruptions and delays” due to the current pandemic situation have affected the show’s scheduling.

And there’s more news. Starting from April 7th, A Million Little Things will be airing on Wednesday nights.

Season 3 is made up of 18 episodes in total.

Is Delilah leaving A Million Little Things?

No, Delilah is not leaving A Million Little Things. There are no reports that actress Stephanie Szostak is exiting the show.

The actress teased her character’s return on the show, writing in an Instagram post: “Delilah may be in France but she knows what’s up. A Million Little things is moving to Mercredi.”

The reason that many fans have been concerned about her fate is the latest storyline surrounding the character and the new responsibilities she has.

Delilah is stuck in Europe for the foreseeable future because her father broke his hip and he needs help.

This season, viewers will see Delilah torn between supporting her dad and being there for her own children.

Who plays Delilah on A Million Little Things?

  • Stephanie Szostak.

She is a French-American actress who didn’t originally plan to go into the acting field.

Stephanie had a marketing job at Chanel in New York and was asked to model for one project which was the moment she decided to change her career.

After taking acting classes, she landed a role in The Devil Wears Prada, as well as several guest appearances in shows such as Younger, Bravo’s Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce and CBS legal drama Bull.

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