Fans are wondering if K-drama Hello, Me! will return for season 2 after season 1 comes to an end today. We look into its renewal status and more!

Hello, Me! (Annyeong? Naya!) released on 17th February 2021. It is based on a novel titled ‘Fantastic Girl’ written by Kim Hye-Jung and released in 2011. It follows a woman going through her mid-life crisis when she is faced with a younger version of herself.

The series comes to an end today and fans are already wondering if there will be a season 2 on the horizon. Looking at the reviews and predictions, we must ask:

Will Hello, Me! be renewed for season 2?

SPOILER WARNING: Do not read on if you don’t wish to see spoilers from season 1 and potential spoilers for season 2.

Hello, Me! Season 2: Renewal status

  • At the time of writing this, Hello, Me! has not yet been renewed for season 2.

However, given the way the series ended, it is not likely that the series will return. The series received decent reviews from sites such as IMDB who has given the series 7.5/10 and Google reviews at 4.8. While sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic have not yet left ratings for the series, we believe this is enough to show, that season 1 was good.

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In this instance though, we will not base the potential renewal of season 2 on the reviews of the series but instead, look at how things were left in season 1 and where the series could take it.

Hello, Me! Season 2: Plot

SPOILER WARNING: Do not read on if you don’t wish to see spoilers from season 1 and potential spoilers for season 2.

Hello, Me! is a series enjoyed by thousands of fans across the world that saw Ha-ni’s story unfold from waking up in a hospital to find herself face to face with a younger version of herself to regaining some of her vitality in life.

The series final episode ends with Ha-Ni writing a letter to her younger self saying “I love you Ban Ha-Ni and goodbye, me!”. Which essentially brings a close to the story of Ha Ni finding enlightenment. The creators may just leave the story as it stands, on a high note. However, They could also decide to show more of Ha-In growing up in juxtaposition to her older self, if she goes through another crisis of sorts.

Hello, Me! Season 2: Release date

Should Hello, Me! be renewed for season 2, we would imagine it would be released in the Spring of 2022. There has not yet been news by the creators or studio to say there will be season 2.

If there is a season 2 on the horizon. we can expect an announcement later this year towards September. Script reading for season 1 took place in September 2020. The first episode was released 6 months later, on 17th February 2021.

This article will be updated as soon as there is more information about Hello, Me! season 2.

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