Many of DJ Khaled and Ariana Grande’s fans were confused over a fake tweet doing rounds on Twitter – here is the viral post debunked.

Celebrities and online influencers enjoy life in the social media spotlight and their names often get involved in fake news and false speculations.

Fake posts about celebs go viral every single day which leaves a number of social media users baffled.

A recent Twitter post involving Ariana Grande and DJ Khaled is trending now and it is pretty obvious that is not real.

Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

DJ Khaled and Ariana Grande Twitter post is fake

To clarify things for many fans and social media users, the tweet about the two music artists is fake.

The post, which one user shared in October, claimed that ‘I’m the One’ singer retweeted one of Ariana’s selfies, writing: “Maybe it’s just me, but when I see a female with a cake load of make up on…that s**t be a no for me.”

Another fake tweet as a response to DJ Khaled’s post, which pretended to be shared from Ariana’s Twitter profile, said: “You’re just a no for me & everyone else in general.”

With Ariana busy making hit after hit and DJ Khaled working on a range of different projects, we doubt that they will have time to get involved in unnecessary drama.

Why is this trending now?

The Twitter post was first shared back in October last year when it gained many likes and retweets from users on the social media website.

It appears that the tweet is trending again after it was brought to some people’s attention only now.

Once the search gained popularity, many fans looked on Twitter for answers and explanation.

Fans react to the fake post

It’s safe to say that a lot of people didn’t buy the fake post and quickly shared their reactions.

“People are funny, they think DJ Khaled would tweet this about Ariana Grande lol,” reacted one person.

“When was this?” asked one person, to which someone else responded: “Never”.

“Obviously fake,” said another user.

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