Ayanna Williams, who proudly holds the Guinness World Record for the longest nails on a hand of a woman, has cut her nails after almost 30 years of growing them.

The record saw Ayanna Williams grow her nails to 576.4 cm (18 ft 10.9 in) in 2017, but upon a pre-cut measure, she broke her own record. Ayanna’s nails had grown to a collective 733.55cm (24 ft 0.7 in).

Now, Ayanna says she’s ready for a change after not being able to easily perform tasks like making beds and administrating her diabetes medication.

Dr Allison Readlinger of Trinity Vista Dermatology in Forth Worth, Texas used an electric rotary tool to cut the nails.

“I’ve been growing my nails for a few decades now. I’m so, so ready for a new life. I know I’m going to miss them, but it’s just about that time —it’s time for them to go,” she said.

The nails were sold to Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not are now the owners of the nails, having bought them for an undisclosed prize with Guinness World Records.

Previously, Ayanna had put her nails on the market for £35,000 ($47,000), but had yet to find a high bidder: “I’ve decided to sell them as I split from my husband six years ago and it’s hard with no one around me to help me anymore,” she said at the time. “I have diabetes now and it’s hard to give myself injections. I made the decision about a year ago but I’ll only sell them for the right price.”

From April 9th 2021, Ayanna’s nails will be displayed at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Orlando.

Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Who is Ayanna Williams?

Unsurprisingly, Ayanna is a nail artist from Houston, Texas and has spent over 28 years growing her nails to the impressive length they reached.

As a grandmother, she says one of the joys of her nails was kids’ reactions: “I have this thing that I do with children when they come up to me and they say ‘are those your nails?!’ and I say ‘yeah’ and then I ask and I say ‘How old are you?’ and they say ‘I’m ten or I’m seven’, and I say ‘Guess how old my nails are? They’re like 28 – 29 years! They’re older than you!'”