Addison Rae has been spotted in LA with Zack Bia and fans are shocked after the paparazzi photographs made their way onto Twitter.

In the pictures, the two are seen walking together, allegedly leaving a birthday party, which has caused some backlash online.

The pictures have started off some dating rumours and fans have been left wondering what is going on between the two of them.

Are Addison Rae and Zack Bia dating?

On April 5th photos of Addison Rae and Zack Bia went viral online after they were uploaded onto Twitter.

The photographs show the pair walking together, with Addison Rae covering her head with a jacket, most likely to avoid the paparazzi.

Twitter account defnoodles posted the pictures on Twitter and wrote:

“Addison Rae covers herself with a jacket to avoid being photographer by paparazzi as she leaves COVID party in Los Angeles with Madison Beer’s ex Zack Bia.”

The account, which has over 100 thousand followers and shares celebrity updates, alleged that Addison and Zack were leaving Sydney Carlson’s birthday party which was called “Sunday Jazz Night.”

They stated that they provided updates about the party via a private Instagram page.

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Who is Zack Bia?

Zack Bia is a club promotor and entrepreneur who is regularly spotted hanging out with celebrities.

He runs creative direction for H.Wood Group, an LA based hospitality company which includes celebrity hotspots like Poppy, The Nice Guy, Delilah and more. 

Zack has also founded a new fashion and lifestyle brand, Puzzle in the Sky and is often seen DJing at fashion weeks and parties. He also has his own record label, Field Trip records.

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