On April 6, several people on Twitter tried to ‘cancel’ Technoblade. Here’s a look at the drama that unfolded online.

This news comes days after Technoblade joined TikTok. The Minecraft YouTuber decided to join the platform in a bid to combat an impersonator account. Unfortunately, the YouTuber confirmed he won’t be posting anything on the platform.

Why is Technoblade ‘cancelled’?

Technoblade is being ‘cancelled’ for a tweet he made on May 30, 2020. The Tweet was a petition regarding George Floyd. The YouTuber captioned the post as “murder is bad.” Fellow Minecraft user Tommyinit also commented on it and wrote, “agreed.”

Tecnoblade went on to remove the tweet, but screenshots of it have been circulating online. It looks like Twitter users are unhappy with the words that Technoblade used to call attention to Geroge Floyd’s case. Floyd’s case became widely popular in May 2020 after he was killed during an arrest.

Several celebrities had broken their silence on the same. Technoblade happened to be one of them. However, his words are being called out. At the same time, people also shared a tweet made by the YouTuber in 2017. He wrote: “Was Hitler a lesbian?”

People on Twitter have been asking the YouTuber to address his past tweets. Until then, they have been trying to ‘cancel’ him for the same. As of now, Technoblade has not said anything.

Twitter reacts to Technoblade’s ‘cancellation’

Even though some users have jumped on the bandwagon of cancel culture, others think there is no reason to ‘cancel’ the YouTuber. Twitter, at the moment, has been divided. Some of Technoblade’s fans have come to his defense and admitted that there is no harmful feelings involved in his Floyd’s tweet.

One user wrote: “Am I being weird but I don’t see what’s wrong with this? I mean yea murder is bad but what do people not like abt it?” Another added: “He said “murder is bad” and shared a petition to respect George Floyd and spread awareness about institutional racism? How are you trying to turn this against him? In what way is this racist? Are you disagreeing with the opinion that murder is bad? He is not mocking anything.”

Another added, “some people are trying to cancel technoblade for saying “murdering is bad” with a link to a petition about the death of George Floyd. apparently what he said was “mocking” and people want him to apologize. I just don’t understand what he’d be apologizing for.”

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