Claudia Jordan’s DMX tweet claiming that the rapper had died was criticized by fans. But why did she say the rapper had passed away.

American Actress Claudia Jordan recently faced backlash for posting an inaccurate tweet. Claudia Jordan took to Twitter on April 6 to tweet about rapper DMX. The Claudia Jordan DMX tweet did not go down well with the fans. Rapper DMX is currently fighting for his life at a hospital in New York City after a drug overdose. Here’s what transpired.

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Claudia Jordan’s DMX Tweet angers fans

Claudia Jordan took to Twitter on April 6, 2021 and tweeted, “Rest in Paradise DMX” with a crown and praying emoji. 


The problem was that the 50-year-old rapper is still alive. He is currently fighting for his life and is in a critical condition after a drug overdose. 

Fans were enraged at Claudia Jordan’s premature tweet when the rapper’s fans and family are praying for him to recover. The now-deleted tweet also created panic among some fans who wondered, if DMX was dead. 

Why did Claudia post the Tweet?

Upon realising her mistake, and facing brutal criticism from the rapper’s fans, the actress took down the tweet. She then went on to post another tweet saying, “I’m sorry,” with a praying and broken heart emoji. 

A fan replied on Claudia Jordan’s Twitter stating, “It’s possible that she thought that the media had announced that DMX passed away.” The actress replied in the affirmative saying she feels awful for the tweet. 

Despite the star’s apology many fans remained angry about the Claudia Jordan DMX Tweet.

What had happened to DMX?

According to Radaronline,  last week, Earl Simmons aka Rapper DMX was rushed to a New York hospital. The star had suffered an overdose while at home. He had suffered a heart attack after taking too many drugs. 

DMX stayed in a Coma for many days. Reportedly his brain had been deprived of oxygen for 30 minutes before being rushed to the emergency room. Here’s DMX’s health update.

Rapper DMX Update 

The star is still on life support. The report mentions that the doctors have performed multiple tests to monitor his brain functions. However, any rumours about DMX being dead are untrue.

Claudia Jordan IG post on DMX

On April 6, Claudia took to her Instagram handle to share snippets from a podcast. The podcast featured rapper DMX sharing how he had been exposed to drugs at the tender age of 14. Here’s Claudia Jordan’s IG post.

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