Taylor Swift released a song earlier today straight from the vault. The song is titled ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’ and fans are wondering who it’s about. We look into rumours.

Taylor Swift is known for pouring her emotion and experiences into her music, more specifically her experiences with her ex-boyfriends. So when the newest song of her Fearless album debuted earlier today, fans couldn’t help but wonder if the song was about a certain Jonas that she dated.

The song already has over 400K views on YouTube at the time of writing and has gained the attention of thousands of fans across social media all pointing to an ex of Swift’s.

So, just who is Mr. Perfectly Fine about?

Who is Mr. Perfectly Fine potentially about?

Fans believe the song could be about Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas. The two dated briefly for a few months between July – October 2008.

The reason for people thinking the song is about Joe Jonas is due to the fact that the song comes from an old collection of Swift’s tunes that remained unreleased, until now. This one in particular was created in 2008.

The two have publicly apologised to one another and moved on from their brief relationship since then. A relationship that ended in a phone call in under 30 seconds. Fans seem to think this could relate to the lyrics of the song “Hello Mr. Casually cruel” and “Insincere apology so he doesn’t look like the bad guy”. Joe Jonas has not yet made any comments to confirm or deny that the song is about him.

Since their breakup, Joe Jonas has been in a committed relationship with Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner. The two married in 2019. Turner also happens to be a fan (A Swiftie) of Taylor Swift and earlier today posted on her Instagram story, joking about the new song stating “It’s not NOT a bop”.

Everything you need to know about the song

‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’ is a song from Taylor Swift’s second studio album titled ‘Fearless’. This album was released in 2008 and is known to be her breakthrough album, which gained Swift widespread recognition for.

Swift re-recorded the album and released a version titled ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version) which will release on 9th April 2021. The new album will feature 26 songs or 27 on the Deluxe Edition with the song “Love Story” (Elvira Remix). Taylor’s version will hold 19 songs from the original album and 6 that were not previously featured “From the Vault“. 3 of the songs have been released ahead of the album, these are ‘Love Story’, ‘You All Over Me’ and ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’.

Twitter reaction and why fans think it could be Joe Jonas

Most of the posts on Twitter at the time of writing show Sophie Turner memes. Fans can’t get enough of the fact that Joe Jonas’ wife shared Taylor Swifts song.

In other news, Who is Mr Perfectly Fine about? Taylor Swift's new song dissected