Who is Holden Brice in Neighbours? Let’s get Toby Derrick’s 2021 character explained. What has the actor starred in before?

What is your favourite soap to tune into?

There are plenty of iconic titles out there, but many would agree that nothing scratches the itch quite like Neighbours

The Australian soap opera premiered on the Seven Network back in March 1985 and was created by Reg Watson. Seven commissioned the show because the TV executive’s previous soap – Sons and Daughters – aired on the network and was met with success.

Reg sold Neighbours as a show full of realistic stories and real people, all of whom come together and address their problems, working to help one another.

It now stands mighty proud as the longest-running drama series in Australian TV, and of course, many faces have come and gone over the years, with one of the latest to attract attention being Holden.

So, who is Holden Brice in Neighbours?

still from Neighbours, Fremantle Australia, IMDb

Who is Holden Brice in Neighbours?

Holden Brice is a gang leader who is associated with Brent (Texas Watterston). The pair met during Brent’s time on the streets.

The character is played by Toby Derrick and he first appeared in episode 8580.

He has been antagonising Brent for a number of weeks now and Back to the Bay highlights that he was involved in the graffiti at the university, as well as the attack on Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson).

His behaviour has been linked to his wishes to get Brent back committing crimes with the gang, and he recently promised to leave Brent be on one condition… carry out one last job.

Audiences are particularly curious about how the Holden storyline will play out, considering Brent’s younger brother – Emmett Donaldson (Ezra Justin) – has returned to Ramsay Street, hoping to live with Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) and David Tanaka (Takaya Honda).

Fans will have to wait and see, but let’s take a moment to spotlight the performer behind the Neighbours addition.

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Toby Derrick: Previous roles

The actor was born in Melbourne and IMDb notes that he graduated WAAPA in 2012 with an Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Dance).

He later met Shaun Parker at a dance workshop in Sydney and he toured with Shaun Parker & Company, performing in such productions as Happy as Larry and Trolleys.

Besides his stage work, Toby boasts a number of screen roles, with the first being in 2003’s Ned Kelly (Young Boy, uncredited) starring Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom.

TV work includes Superwog (Jackson), Home and Away (Josh), Informer 3838 (Andrew Hodson) and Halifax: Retribution (Tommy).

IMDb also has him credited as Rick O’Donnell in one episode of Neighbours from 2010 too.

still from Neighbours, Fremantle Australia, IMDb

Neighbours fans react

A number of fans have reacted to Holden since he emerged onto the scene in Neighbours.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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