E3 2021 has been announced which means the summer will be massively packed with gaming news and announcements with Geoff Keighley also announcing the return of Summer Game Fest. Some people are asking when is E3 2021, and here you’ll discover everything shared so far about its date, schedule, confirmed companies such as Nintendo, and how to attend as fans.

The good news for fans is that the likes of Microsoft and Nintendo are backing the showcase alongside Ubisoft. It doesn’t appear as though Sony will be there, which – while disappointing – isn’t awfully surprising seeing as they were absent in prior shows.

Although details are brief at the moment, below you’ll discover the date for when the expo will take place, and you’ll also discover how to attend.

What is the E3 2021 schedule?

No schedule has been shared for E3 2021 as of yet.

However, despite the lack of a schedule, we know some of the companies that will be present at E3 2021.

Although Sony and EA appear to be skipping the event once more, the confirmed companies are as follows (via ESA):

  • Capcom
  • Koch Media
  • Nintendo
  • Take-Two
  • Ubisoft
  • Warner Bros. Interactive
  • Xbox

It’s unclear what days these companies will appear on and whether they will have their own presentations, but fans are excited to say the least.

When is E3 2021?

The date E3 2021 will start on is June 12th.

While it will begin on the above date, E3 2021 will then end on June 15th.

There will be more companies than the ones announced so far as early commitments and we’re very hopeful about what will be shown.

Obvious dreams include Elden Ring for possibly Xbox and maybe Suicide Squad for Warner Bros. Interactive, but we’ll simply have to wait and see.

As for how you attend, it will be an all digital event as well as free, but the official website indicates that you will need to register sometime during the spring.