The Overwatch Archives 2021 event is now live with many people gushing over the Mousquetaire Widowmaker. While Widowmaker has always been a fan-favourite amongst the innocent and degenerates, there’s plenty more cosmetics on offer. Here you’ll find all the Overwatch Archives 2021 skins as well as the weekly challenges.

April has been a fantastic month for the game with many people wanting to see its April Fool’s Day experimental mode continue. Meanwhile, although the game continues to be enjoyed by many, pretty much everyone is awaiting more news about its sequel.

While the sequel is awfully exciting for the future, below you’ll find all the Overwatch Archives 2021 cosmetics.

Overwatch Archives 2021 event weekly challenges

There are three weekly challenges for the Overwatch Archives 2021 event.

These weekly challenges for the Overwatch Archives 2021 event unlock skins Corredor Lucio, Subaquatic Zenyatta, and Camouflage Mercy.

You get stars by completing challenge missions and choosing higher difficulties.

The weekly challenges are as follows:

April 6th – 13th

  • Earn ten stars – Corredor Lucio player icon
  • Earn 20 stars – Turn Up the Heat! spray
  • Earn 30 stars – Corredor Lucio skin

April 13th – 20th

  • Earn ten stars – Subaquatic Zenyatta player icon
  • Earn 20 stars – Deep in Thought Spray
  • Earn 30 stars – Subaquatic Zenyatta Epic Skin

April 20th – 27th

  • Earn ten stars – Camouflage Mercy Player Icon
  • Earn 20 stars – Night Mission Spray
  • Earn 30 stars – Camouflage Mercy Epic Skin

All Overwatch Archives 2021 skins

There are eight new Overwatch skins for the Archives 2021 event.

All of the new legendary skins for the Overwatch Archives 2021 event are as follows:

  • Mousquetaire Widowmaker
  • Bushi Genji
  • Soldier: 1776 Soldier: 76
  • Cavalry Tracer
  • Polyanitsa Zarya

Meanwhile, the other new cosmetics are the ones that you unlock from the weekly challenges.

Check out the game’s official website for details about its challenge missions and more.