On April 6, Dave Portnoy’s video leaked online. Later, the American internet personality reacted to the same on his Twitter. Here’s a look at what he said.

Dave has always been vocal about his thoughts, and he did not shy away from addressing the video that surfaced online. Several people on Twitter have even shared their thoughts on the leak. This comes days after Dave won the defamation case that was filed against him by Michael Rapaport.

Dave Portnoy responds to leaked video

On April 6, several users on Twitter reacted to Dave’s leaked video. Rather than brushing it off, Dave decided to address the video. In a tweet which was posted on the same day, Dave wrote: “Wait $penn is dropping cause I have a sex tape? Are you kidding me? Ps – It’s a federal crime to watch or post it. Double Ps – I f**k. Who cares.”

He accompanied the post with a video in which he said, “Another sex tape that people are sending around. I have known this one. A guy showed it to me like a year ago. Penn stock is down because there is a f**king sex tape of me? News flash, it is the third f**king one. I have done better. What are you going to do with it? It’s on the f**king internet.”

He continued: “So, I have had sex. People f**king know that. It’s all very weird and kinky. Whatever. You got to spice it up. It can’t be boring. More importantly, a stock is down because someone had consensual sex, are you kidding me? I would jump on this dip and I would f**k it. No pun intended.

Dave Portnoy and Michael Rapaport lawsuit

On March 29, Michael lost his defamation lawsuit against Barstool Sports. After joining Bristol Sports in 2017, Michael lost his job in 2018. The company claimed that Dave was fired because of an old tweet he had made regarding the company.

The tweet reportedly targeted the fans of Barstool Sports as Michael wrote that anyone calling themselves “stoolies” has “already lost in life.” Following this, on February 19, 2018, Dave revealed they had developed a clown shirt with Michael’s face on it, and the T-shirts were up for sale.

In the tweet, he wrote: “Finally some Rapaport gear people will buy,” along with the picture of the shirt. Michael slammed the T-shirt as the picture also had a red dot under his lip. The actor claimed the dot created an illusion that he had an STD like herpes. The actor filed the defamation case for the same.