As of April 5th 2021, some YouTube users have found comments aren’t showing on any videos.

For most users of YouTube, the comments are an important part of the experience, but for some it’s causing problems.

Those finding problems with the feature have taken to Twitter to share the challenges, with many finding the comments completely not loading. So you can rest assured that it’s not just your account having difficulties and instead appears to be a glitch.

When one user asked the Team YouTube Twitter what happened, they replied: “Thanks for reaching out – if you haven’t, we recommend clearing your cache & cookies + trying a different browser + making sure your devices/apps are running the latest versions. Let us know if that does the trick.”

HITC has reached out to YouTube to find out what’s happening and when it will be solved site-wide.

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For the meanwhile, there is one trick you can try to fix your comments not showing on YouTube.

2021: How to fix YouTube not showing comments

As pointed out by YouTube and one user, clearing the cookies seems to do the trick for most people. On web browsers like Chrome and Firefox the easiest way to do this is:

  • Click the padlock icon next to the url.
  • Click the ‘Remove Cookies’ button.
  • Select the YouTube button and click remove.
  • Refresh the page and YouTube should alert you it is using cookies, which you should accept.

For Safari:

  • Select Safari and then Preferences.
  • Then, click Privacy and Manage Website Date.
  • Search for YouTube and remove the data.

Fixes for mobile YouTube users

For users on iPhone, the first way to clear your cookies and cache is to:

  • Go to Settings, then Safari and tap Clear History and Website Data.
  • If you don’t want to remove your history, click Advanced, then Website Data, then Remove All Website Date.

Some may find that clearing the Safari cookies is not enough, and may need to also remove the app’s cookies.

  • Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to delete and reinstall the app.
  • Go to Settings, General, Storage and iCloud Usage.
  • Then select Manage Storage, YouTube and then Delete App.

How Android users can clear their YouTube cookies:

  • Unlike iPhone users, most Android users will be able to individually clear YouTube app data and cookies.
  • First go to your Settings and click Apps.
  • Select Apps again and search for YouTube.
  • Then click Storage before selecting Clear Data.

Alternatively, users can try using a new browser and updating the YouTube app, as suggested by YouTube.

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