Genshin Impact has been a largely fantastic game since its release in September last year, and there are many people hoping that it is still coming to Nintendo Switch. While large portions of people have been enjoying the game, there’s now controversy online which has resulted in people asking: why is Boycott Genshin Impact trending on Twitter? Here you’ll find an explanation for the #BoycottGenshin hashtag.

As for what you can look forward to with the actual game, the title is nearing the release of Rosaria who will become available in playable form. And, shortly after the arrival of the much-anticipated nun, fans can look forward to the release date of update 1.5 for which two new characters have been leaked.

Although update 1.5 seems promising based on leaks, below you’ll find an explantion for why Boycott Genshin Impact is trending on Twitter.

#BoycottGenshin trends on Twitter

#BoycottGenshin has been appearing on Twitter.

There’s been lots of tweets with the #BoycottGenshin hashtag, but some fans are pointing out that it’s not an attempt to ‘cancel’ the game but rather improve its representation.

There are various reasons why the hashtag has appeared online, but the core reason seems to be because of the representation of the Hilichurls.

Some people are arguing that the representation of the Hilichurls is inspired by indigenous people, and that them being enemies disrespects the culture and demonises indigenous individuals.

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This reference to indigenous people seemingly comes from a miHoYo behind the scenes video which was uploaded in October 2020.

You can see the main point of commotion in the tweet below.

Why is Boycott Genshin Impact trending on Twitter?

Boycott Genshin Impact is trending on Twitter because of the Hilichurls.

However, in addition to the Hilichurls, Boycott Genshin Impact is also trending on Twitter for other reasons.

One of the main other reasons appears to be in relation to Flora and how an NPC named Ulfr claims to be in love with her.

There’s also complaints about the diversity of its playable heroes, and how some are dubbed ‘exotic’ and ‘scary’.

Lots of back and forth on Twitter can found while exploring the hashtag, with some agreeing that the Hilichurls is problematic while others argue it’s just fantasy and that the Hilichurls are not actually bad.

There’s also some people claiming that the outrage isn’t authentic and that it’s merely blowing up now because of a supposed leak which claims Inazuma has been delayed.

You can also fully explore the controversy over on the game’s subreddit.