On April 5, pictures of the new Adidas Towelie shoes went viral on the internet. The shoes feature one of the most beloved characters from the show, Towelie, the taking towel. Here’s how Twitter reacted to the pictures of Adidas x South Park shoes.

Adidas’ new staple silhouette collection will feature one of South Park’s most famous character. In other words, the Adidas South Park shoes will feature none other than Towelie from the show. Towelie is a beloved character from the show. He is actually a talking towel who was genetically engineered by Tynacorp.

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What is Adidas x South Park collaboration all about?

This isn’t the first time Adidas is entering into this kind of funky collaboration. The shoe company had an ultra-successful collaboration with the Star Wars franchise back in 2020. 

The partnership was meant to commemorate the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. And this time for its Adidas x South Park collaboration the company has picked the cult driven character Towelie.

When is the Adidas South Park collection coming out?

The official images of the quirky Adidas towelie shoes are being shared on social media. In addition to this South Park fans must note that the Adidas South Park towelie shoes will be ready for sale on April 20, on adidas.com

How much will the Adidas South Park shoes cost?

Adidas did not reveal the towelie shoes price yet. But shoes in its latest, Adidas Originals x Disney, Stan Smith collection can help us guess the price of the towelie shoes.

The Adidas originals x Disney shoes range between $85 to $100. 

Therefore the Adidas south park shoes might be somewhere around that price range too.

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SouthPark fans excited for the Towelie shoes 

Towelie is one of the fan favourite characters from the show. At his lowest point, Towelie had become addicted to a variety of drugs. When his life started spiralling out of control, he was barred from seeing his son, Washcloth. 

During the character’s dark phase on the show, many viewers of the show were able to relate to Towelie struggles. Thanks to the support of his well-wishers and a whole lot of rehab, Towelie got clean. But after eight years of sobriety, he began smoking marijuana once again. 

On the show Towelie is often portrayed with bloodshot or half-closed eyes. These looks have been duplicated in the Towelie Adidas shoes, as well.

Twitter reacts to Adidas Towelie shoes

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