Lil Nas X party video has leaked online. The singer received criticism after viral videos of him were leaked. His latest viral moment on the internet has drawn backlash from even his followers. Here’s what happened.

The American singer is currently on a promotional tour for his latest single ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name). Recently Lil Nas’s Satan Shoes music video has also received a lot of attention. The controversial video features human blood. Also, the video sees him clapping back at radical right-wing personalities on Twitter. In midst of his ever-growing fame, Lil Nas’ party video was leaked that drew backlash from internet users. 

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The Lil Nas party video shocks his fans

Recently videos surfaced on the internet that featured the 21-year-old singer having a blast at influencer Austin Mahone’s 25th birthday party. The gathering was huge. As a result, many Lil Nas X leaked videos from the party are circulating on the internet.

Def Noodles, a popular Internet drama account has posted the viral clips. The Lil Nas X party video features the singer dancing and partying maskless with over a dozen people. Moreover, the attendee’s appear to be maskless.

In addition to this, Austin Mahone also posted Lil Nas X’s videos from the party on his Instagram. But later the influencer deleted the videos, in the face of criticism. 

Where are the leaked videos from?

For now, it is unclear if the Lil Nas X video is from Saturday or Sunday. Fans also identified other popular Internet personalities present at the party. The Twitter drama account Def Noodles identified that TikTok star Quenlin Blackwell was present at the gathering too.

Moreover, the location of the party is all too well known. Leaked pictures from the event show that the internet A-listers were having a ball at the Wish mansion in Bel Air. Wish’s billionaire CEO Peter Szulczewski bought the mansion in 2019.

TikTok stars, YouTubers and social media influencers often use the mansion for filming and partying.

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Netizens react to Lil Nas x party leaks

Here’s what Twitter users and fans of the singer had to say about the party video.

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