Is a Miraculous season 4 Disney Plus release date confirmed? Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir fans are eager to continue the journey.

Are you Miraculers ready for more adventures?

Fans are eagerly anticipating more episodes of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir in the wake of a recently unveiled season 4 promo.

Created by Thomas Astruc, this computer-animated superhero series first reached screens in September 2015, being shown in South Korea before debuting on Nickelodeon in the US.

The vibrant tale of two Parisian teenagers – Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste – later moved over to the Disney Channel, before gaining another home on Disney+, the Mickey Mouse house’s streaming service which launched in late 2019.

Viewers who have swiftly binged the available episodes are turning their attention to more, so does Miraculous season 4 have a Disney Plus release date yet?

NEW Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Promo, Cartoon Apocalypse

Miraculous season 4: Disney Plus release date confirmed?

  • A Disney Plus release date for Miraculous season 4 is yet to be confirmed but it’s expected to premiere in summer 2021.

It was recently announced that Disney Channels have acquired the rights to both seasons 4 and 5 of Miraculous, excluding the U.S., Brazil, Australia, Canada, Korea and China.

Additionally, aNb Media notes that Disney+ has acquired all five seasons too (excluding Brazil, Korea and China). That’s a whopping 130 episodes, along with two specials.

The first – Miraculous World: New York, United HeroeZ – first aired on Disney Channel in September 2020 and is now available to stream over on Disney+. On the other hand, the second – Miraculous World: Shanghai – The Legend of Lady Dragon – is expected later this year.

Miraculous Ladybug Fandom includes that season 4 is set to premiere in France on TFOU on Sunday, April 11th 2021. So, it will be reaching Disney+ subscribers later.

Miraculous streaming on Disney+

Co-produced by the French animation studio Zagtoon, ZAG Entertainment’s founder and CEO – Jeremy Zag – has addressed their partnership with Disney Plus ahead of Miraculous season 4:

“Disney has been a key partner in bringing Miraculous Ladybug to audiences everywhere, and we are grateful for their creative support and trust for this next chapter. We are excited to be extending our relationship to Disney+ and to be part of their compelling new platform.”

He added: “We are naturally delighted by the impressive ratings for the first of the TV Event premieres and grateful for the support of our Miraculous fans who tuned in.”

Aton Soumache – co-founder and CEO of ON kids & family – also said: “We have a particular history with Disney: they are the first partners of Miraculous, the most passionate and committed!”

Miraculous season 4 is expected to premiere on Disney+ in summer 2021.

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