On April 4, the Verzuz battle saw two legendary bands come together. Here’s a look at who won the Verzuz battle between them.

Easter celebration became extra special after the two bands came together for a singing battle. To make things more entertaining, Steve Harvey and  D-Nice came together to host the show. At the same time, viewers had been eagerly waiting for the battle to start. Here’s a look at what happened.

The Isley Brothers vs. Earth, Wind, and Fire explored

The bands played some of their hit songs during the Verzuz battle. There were a total of 25 rounds with a few bonus rounds. At first, it looked like Earth, Wind, and Fire was going to win as they started off with two wins. However, The Isley Brothers slowly caught up with them.

At the same time, there were rounds when the two bands performed exceptionally well and it had to be declared as a draw. As round 25 came closer, the bands seemed to hint they were saving their best song for the last.

The Isley Brothers decided to go for ‘That Lady.’ Meanwhile, Earth, Wind, and The Fire chose to perform ‘September.’ The last round was one by Earth, Wind, and The Fire.

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Who won the Verzuz battle?

The Verzuz battle was won by The Isley Brothers. Twitter has been bursting with reactions ever since the band came together for the Verzuz battle. One user wrote: “Can’t Stop Won’t stop I am so thankful to know this music. I feel bad for millennials and gens X Y & Z.”

Another added, “#Verzuz gave me life today. Born in the ’80s but raised in the ’60s my soul was present before my time!! The energy given tonight was epic!” “This was such a gift. Thank you for a wonderful evening, Earth Wind & Fire, Isley Brothers, D-Nice, and Steve…& Verzuz!” read another comment.

“Damn. #Verzuz had our house dancing, singing, laughing, and crying w joy tonight!! So much history and Black brilliance. Reminds me why I love this country and why I am proud to be an American,” said another.

When is the next Verzuz battle?

As of now, there is no information on who will be appearing for the next Verzuz battle. The official announcement will be made via their Instagram page.

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