Netflix’s sci-fi horror What Lies Below follows the story of young girl Liberty vs handsome soon-to-be stepfather, John Smith. By the end of it, Libby flashes the audience a demonic smile, while trapped in a tank of water. What happens to her now?

If you’re a fan of horror and handsome, beefy scientists. then What Lies Below is the film for you. The 2020 movie tells the experience of 16-year-old Liberty, as she discovers how strange her mother’s new muscular beau.

Yes, he seems too good to be true. He drinks his own sweat and licks menstrual blood.

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Ending of What Lies Below – explained!

It is already established that John, played by Trey Tucker, is an other-worldly species. With the motive to mate with human females in order to preserve his kind, he has his eyes set on Michelle Wells, Liberty’s mother.

Played by Mena Suvari, Michelle is impregnated by John and she is then trapped in his basement laboratory. The dimly lit room is filled with water tanks, housing his research on ancient parasitic fish, Lampreys.

In an attempt to save her, Libby locks John out of the basement. That did not work as he somehow enters the room and creeps up behind her. At the same time, she discovers the dead body of her best friend Marley, submerged in a tank.

Libby throws salt on the hunky villain to defend herself, causing him to smoke. Like a slug, water is necessary for John to live. This is hinted throughout the film, when he is always spotted with water or ice. Salt absorbs his moisture, thus causing him pain.

Eventually, Libby gets captured and is tied up. Gagging up a glowing blue sphere, John transfers it to her mouth, leaving her unconscious.

What happens to Libby?

The 16-year-old wakes up in a water-filled chamber, struggling to breathe. When she can’t hold her breath any longer, she inhales the water and realises she will not drown.

When she flashes the camera a demonic smile, hinting that she may be transforming into John’s species, it shows other women unconscious in diamond-shaped pods of water, like her.

We can assume that these women have all been John’s victims, though they are simply there to provide children, rather than become an alien like him.

Director Braden R. Duemmler revealed that these women are going to be transported back to John’s planet, which comprises mostly of water. The blue sphere allows them to breathe.

Does Libby live?

Since she is still conscious in the water, unlike the other women, Libby is probably safe for now.

However, if all the other women were given the blue energy, then perhaps it is only a matter of time until she becomes sedated.

We can’t forget that maybe Libby could be stuck in the pod for years on end, as John continues to seduce women on Earth.

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