Lately, netizens on Twitter have been discussing the Billie Eilish body-shaming artworks. The controversial artworks have been featured on DeviantArt and came to light after the singer shared them in her Instagram stories on April 5. Here’s what happened.

Billie Eilish fat-shaming Insta story causes Twitter storm

The Billie Eilish body-shaming artworks which appeared on portrayed an overweight Billie with her signature neon green hair. The singer posted the DeviantArt page in her Instagram stories, when a fan asked her, “are you still affected by body shaming?” Billie replied by featuring the fat fetish artwork and wrote, “you mean this.”

The story featuring Billie Eilish’s fat fetish artwork was deleted from the singer’s Insta story, but many Twitter users did manage to get a screengrab and posted it online.

The Billie Eilish fat shaming artwork didn’t go down well with many Twitter users. A Twitter user commented saying, “So apparently Billie Eilish thinks this fat fetish art of her is like, hate art mocking her or something LOL.”

Another user stated, “ppl drawing Billie Eilish fat isn’t them calling her fat it’s them having a fat fetish, some of y’all didn’t grow up on DeviantArt and it shows.”

Billie also received support from many of her fans. One fan commented saying, “To the People that are fat-shaming Billie Eilish she has a beautiful body leave her alone…. seriously like what do you get out of bullying her? She did nothing to y’all.”

Billie Eilish’s Bikini pics on Instagram

Billie who mostly wears baggy clothes, shared videos of herself adorned in a bikini in January 2020. In the rare Instagram videos and pictures, the singer is having a blast with her friends in Hawaii. She is donning what appears to be a stunning bikini. Check out the Billie Eilish bikini Instagram pics.

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Billie Eilish discusses her relationship with her Body

The American singer has been open about her body image issues in the past. In her January 2021, interview with Vanity Fair, the singer opened up about her historic struggle with body insecurities and eating disorder. She stated that her disordered eating behavior and insecurities arose in her adolescence. She also revealed that she is learning to build a healthy body image one step at a time now.