Stephanie Davison has had a rollercoaster relationship on 90 Day Fiancé. The show hinted she is with Ryan Carr’s cousin Harris. Here’s a look at if the pair is still together or not.

When the show first started, Stephanie seemed to be in love with Ryan. However, as the show progressed, she found her happily ever after (or so she thought) in Harris. Unfortunately, their relationship hit a roadblock when Stephanie found out about Emma, Harris’s baby mama.

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Stephanie and Harris’ relationship explored

Stephanie and Harris’s relationship was first mentioned when the reality star confessed she had hooked up with him. Stephanie finally shared this detail with Ryan, and their relationship came to an end. During this, Harris claimed he was in love with Stephanie and wanted to be with her.

However, Stephanie had her doubts after she came across a picture of Harris with another woman on social media. The woman was Harris’s baby mama. Stephanie doubted Harris’s intentions and wondered if he was faithful. Amid this, fans noticed that Harris had a tan line on his ring finger.

This made many wonder if he was secretly married and was behind Stephanie for her money. Unfortunately, the viewers did not get the answers they had been looking for.

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Are Stephanie and Harris still together?

It looks like Stephanie and Harris are not together anymore. It is unclear when the couple ended their relationship. However, it is safe to say that doubts and trust issues might have been a reason. Throughout the season, the pair found it hard to come to an understanding.

At the same time, it looks like Stephanie has already moved on. In a picture shared by an Instagram page called 90 Day The Melanated Way, Stephanie was spotted with another man. The two were pictured hugging each other, and the social media buzz is that Stephanie has already moved on.

However, Stephanie has not confirmed this relationship yet. The rumors about Stephanie moving on as the season of 90 Day Fiancé comes to and end.

Several people on Twitter had been hoping that Stephanie had ended her relationship with Harris. According to many, their relationship screamed of trouble. It is unclear if the pair would be appearing on 90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All.

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