Another acronym with multiple interpretations has appeared on TikTok. What is the meaning of SMH on the app? Basic TikTok acronyms explained!

A year after the app blew up, numerous new slang words and acronyms have emerged, to the point where it’s getting harder for users to keep up, especially when an acronym can have multiple interpretations.

It’s safe to say that the time for someone to come up with the TikTok dictionary has come. The latest acronym that has been confusing TikTok users is “SMH,” and TBH it’s a tricky one.

What is the meaning of SMH on TikTok?

  • SMH on TikTok stands for “shake my head” and indicated disappointment.

SMH is a very commonly used acronym across all social media platforms, and depending on the context used, it can mean different things, like “somehow” and “so much hate.”

The most common meaning for SMH is “shake my head.” This acronym is used to show disappointment, embarrassment and disbelief. It indicates that you are speechless and all you do is shake your head in disappointment.

For example, if you ask a TikTok user what SMH means, they are likely to reply “SMH” in return, which means that they are disappointed that you don’t know what it means and are shaking their head at you.

Basic acronyms of TikTok explained

Apart from SMH, there are plenty of acronyms that are frequently used on TikTok.

Here is the starter pack of acronyms you should know before you get on TikTok and make Gen Z “shake their heads.”

  • FYP stands for For You Page, the homepage of TikTok
  • CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer
  • PFP stands for Profile Picture
  • POV stands for Point of View
  • OOMF stands for One Of My Followers
  • IB stands for Inspired By
  • DC stands for Dance Credit

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