TikTok creator Mya Johnson has spoken out after her “UP” choreography was used by Addison Rae on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, without giving the credits.

Addison Rae and other TikTok stars have been criticised in the past for doing TikTok dances and challenges that they didn’t create, without giving the credits to the creators.

Mya Johnson, the co-creator of the “UP” TikTok dance, although happy that her choreography made it on television, she wants to be credited.

“UP” dance on Jimmy Fallon

Addison Rae appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for the first time on March 27th 2021, debuting her brand-new single “Obsessed.”

Apart from performing, the TikTok star did eight viral TikTok dances for Jimmy Fallon to learn. Amongst others, she danced to “Savage” by Meghan Thee Stallion and “UP” by Cardi B.

The video on The Tonight Show YouTube channel blew up quickly and the creator of the UP dance was disappointed to not be given the credits for her choreography.

Mya Johnson calls out TikTok stars for not crediting

Mya Johnson (@theemynicole on TikTok) created the “UP” dance with fellow creative, Chris Cotter, it went viral and even Cardi B reposted their video. Currently, the dance has over 1.6 million recreating videos.


new challenge ft @cchrvs 🔥🔥 #upwmyaxchris


The creator of the “UP” dance told POPSUGAR that the video’s rapid success was “crazy.” Referring to The Tonight Show skit, Johnson revealed that she wasn’t asked to be involved and was shocked to see another TikTok creator perform her dance, without crediting.

“My mom always tells me, ‘When it’s my time, it’s my time.’ I felt like that should’ve been my time and Chris’s time, because we created the dance,” Mya argued.


#duet with @theemyanicole me and @cchrvs made this dance🔥! please make sure u give credits or use #upwmyaxchris


Standing up for herself and for other creators, especially Black creators, Mya Johnson explained:

“This isn’t the first time this has happened, and I don’t want it to continue. I feel like it is very important for us to get our credit because we are very good creators that are very overlooked in what we do.”

Addison Rae comments on the controversy

TMZ paparazzi asked Addison Rae to comment on the Tonight Show segment, which was criticised for not crediting Black creatives.

“I think they were all credited in the original YouTube post, but it’s kind of hard to credit during the show. They all know that I love and support them so much and hopefully one day we can all meet up and dance together,” the TikTok star addressed the controversy with a smile.

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