The dislike button no longer appears on YouTube videos for some people, and it’s sparked confusion. Has YouTube removed the dislike button?

As you’ve been watching YouTube this week, you may have noticed that the dislike button has disappeared.

It’s a new feature that YouTube is currently testing in an attempt to create more positivity on the platform, but the decision has gained a lot of backlash on Twitter.

Here’s everything you need to know about the trial…

YouTube is testing a removal of the dislike button

YouTube took to Twitter on Tuesday (March 30th) to announce that they are trialling a removal of the dislike button on videos.

“In response to creator feedback around well-being and targeted dislike campaigns, we’re testing a few new designs that don’t show the public dislike count. If you’re part of this small experiment, you might spot one of these designs in the coming weeks (example below!),” they tweeted.

They then clarified that creators will still be able to see exactly how many likes and dislikes their video has received, but this information just won’t be viewable to the public.

“Creators, you’ll still be able to see the exact number of likes and dislikes in YouTube Studio. For viewers, if you’re in the experiment, you can still like or dislike a video to share feedback with creators and help tune the recommendations you see on YouTube,” YouTube continued.

Is YouTube removing the dislike button forever?

At this moment, it’s unclear whether YouTube will remove the dislike button for everyone.

Right now, it’s just a trial in response to “creator feedback” in attempt to combat cyberbullying and negativity online.

If the trial proves to be successful, it’s likely that the feature could be rolled out to YouTube users across the world.

The trial gets backlash on Twitter

The removal of the dislike button has had a bad reaction on Twitter as social media users claim that the button is a hugely important feature for feedback.

One person wrote: “How will viewers quickly be able to know the general rating of the video and whether or not they should invest time into watching something. Time is valuable. Bad decision. Dislike.”

“Not showing dislikes is supposed to make targeted dislikes disappear? Dislikes is one of the best forms of feedback, useful for creator, viewer, and algorithms alike. Not showing a dislike count publicly is in my eyes one of the worst decisions possible,” said another.

A third person wrote: “Don’t do this – it’s nice to be able to see if a video is helpful or not without watching the entire thing.”

However, YouTube clapped back at the backlash and wrote:

“Viewer feedback is an important part of YouTube, but we’ve heard from creators that the current experience can negatively impact their wellbeing. We also know that public dislike counts sometimes motivate targeted campaigns of dislikes on some videos.”

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