Will there be another Godzilla movie? Let’s get the status of the Godzilla vs Kong sequel explained and consider future MonsterVerse instalments.

In 1933, audiences witnessed one of the most emotional and now iconic endings in cinema history courtesy of King Kong.

In 1954, Ishirō Honda explored the fears of post-war Japan in Godzilla, with the creature and the destruction it unleashed serving as a metaphor for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In 1962, these titular titans encountered one another for the first time, and indeed, they got into a couple of scrapes.

Now, in 2021, the monsters are back on screens in Adam Wingard’s behemoth blockbuster, Godzilla vs Kong. It’s a continuation of both Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, serving as the fourth instalment of Legendary’s MonsterVerse.

Since it arrived in cinemas and on HBO Max, audiences have been curious about a follow-up. So, will there be another Godzilla movie after Godzilla vs Kong?

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Will there be another Godzilla movie after Godzilla vs Kong?

  • As of yet, Legendary hasn’t confirmed whether another MonsterVerse instalment and Godzilla sequel is in the works. On the other hand, Adam Wingard has given some insight into the potential future of the franchise.

In conversation with SYFY Wire, the 38-year-old American filmmaker explained:

“Audiences have to vote if they want to see more of these or not. If people show up and like the movie, then there will be more. I think it’s better not to box ourselves into any corners, because ultimately, going forward, these movies need to be calibrated by what people like about the films. Not in a tired studio kind of way, but in a realistic, grounded ‘what are people responding to? What are they responding to?’ [kind of way].”

Essentially, Adam suggests that another instalment depends on the 2021 film’s commercial success. In this respect, things are looking up and Deadline has reported that it’s expected to deliver the biggest domestic debut for a major studio movie since late March 2020, so a sequel certainly isn’t worth ruling out at this point.

As Adam also pointed out, Godzilla vs Kong “is the crossroads for the Monsterverse”, and there are a number of avenues that could be explored, with the 2021 film helping to enrich and expand the lore and mythology of this cinematic universe. We could see more stand-alone Kong and Godzilla efforts, as well as crossovers.

Fans want a Godzilla vs Kong sequel

Although another Godzilla outing is yet to be confirmed, a number of fans have already flocked to Twitter to voice their hopes for another movie.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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