A number of Emmerdale fans want to know are are Mandy Dingle’s mum and dad. Has Mandy’s mum been on the ITV soap?

Tonight’s episode (April 1st) of Emmerdale is a huge moment for Mandy Dingle and her partner Paul Ashdale as it’s their wedding day.

Apart from teasers that there will be a lot of drama around their wedding, many viewers are confused why Mandy’s parents won’t be making an appearance for their daughter’s big day.

So, who are Mandy’s mum and dad? Find more about the character’s family.

Mandy Dingle on Emmerdale, ITV Hub

Who is Mandy Dingle’s mum?

Mandy’s mom is Vera-Lynn Dingle. The character has never made an appearance on the ITV soap and there isn’t a lot of information about her out there.

What is known is that Very-Lynn is the first wife of Mandy’s father and that her relationship with Mandy isn’t great.

Mandy also has a step-mother after her father’s second marriage.

Who is Mandy Dingle’s dad?

  • Caleb Dingle.

Mandy’s father Caleb (Mike Kelly) is a minor character and he made appearance on Emmerdale only once, back in an episode in 2000.

After Caleb and Mandy’s mother broke up, Caleb married another woman and gained four step-sons.

Viewers know better Caleb’s brother and Mandy’s uncle, Zak Dingle. Mandy first appeared on Emmerdale in 1995 for her cousin Tina Dingle’s wedding to Luke McAllister and she later returned to live with her uncle Zak.

Does Mandy have any siblings?

She is an only child of Caleb and Vera-Lynn Dingle. However, Mandy does have four step-brothers thanks to her father’s second marriage.

Keen Emmerdale fans might know that actress Lisa Riley reprised her role full-time in early 2019 after leaving the soap back in 2001.

In a previous interview, Lisa teased that her character and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) could actually be sisters.

“I honestly think Mandy and Chas are sisters,” Lisa told Radio Times. “They are very similar in that they are confident but they live with bravado and hide it when they are hurting inside.

“The way they write for Chas reminds me of how they wrote for Mandy when I was here. If it turned out they were sisters it would be wonderful to explore they are so similar and have both been through so much turmoil.”

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