BTS’ latest Japanese single Film Out finally released on April 2, along with an emotional music video.

The upcoming album BTS, The Best is set to be the group’s fifth Japanese-language album, but won’t be out until June 16th. Fans were in luck however as Film Out released as the first single from the album.

The single is the latest Japanese-language music the band has dropped since July 2020, when Map of the Soul: 7 – The Journey released.

Film Out is actually part of Japanese Movie SIGNAL’s soundtrack, which also hit theatres on April 2. Fans can listen to Film Out on all streaming platforms, or watch the music video on YouTube.

BTS’ Film Out music video

ARMYs have struck gold with the Film Out music video, which tells an emotional story of love and loss. The video is about previous relationships that the group remember positively, but the person is no longer there.

The feeling of reminiscing is clear in one particular when the room the rest of the group are in appears like a screen to Jin, who is walking over to it.

At the very end it all comes crashing down, when the room fills with flames and the walls literally come caving in. With two-way mirrors, floating doors and desserts, there appears to be an idea of parallel universes too—likely a metaphor for many relationships.

The song and video actually match the story of SIGNAL, which depicts two detectives who communicate through walkie-talkies even though one lives 15 years in the past.

Film Out is also the first video from the group to feature BIGHIT MUSIC’s new logo with the music company’s new name.

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Dick Clark Productions

ARMYs’ reactions to Film Out

It’s BTS ARMY we’re talking about here, so it goes without saying that fans loved the music video.

For many, it was an emotional side to the group, that hit all the feels:

Others had a less emotional take on it:

We got major Monster’s Inc vibes too: