Recently, people online have been noticing a new YouTube glitch which turns the bar at the bottom from the colour red, to yellow.

Any YouTube user knows that when you watch a video, the bar at the bottom is the classic YouTube red colour, but when an advert pops up in the middle of your viewing, the bar turns yellow.

However, people have been discussing a new glitch which turns the bar yellow for the rest of the video. Find out why this is happening and how to solve it below.

Why is the YouTube bar yellow?

If you are an avid YouTube user, you probably know that when an advert starts playing in the middle of your video, the bar along the bottom changes from red to yellow, to indicate that the ad is playing.

However, sometimes it will glitch and the bar will change yellow for the rest of the video.

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This seems to be somewhat of a relatively new issue, as people on Twitter have been discussing the colour change of the YouTube bar.

One Twitter user said: “So my youtube glitched out and you know when you’re watching a video the bar at the bottom is red, but I got and ad, and with ads the bar is yellow And then the video came back and the bar is still yellow.”

How to fix the yellow YouTube bar

If you want to get rid of the yellow bar, you can refresh the page to get the classic red bar back either by pressing ctrl+shift+r button or hitting the refresh button in the top corner of the screen.

If refreshing the page doesn’t get remove the yellow bar, then you can clear the data cache on your browser and that should solve the problem.

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