There’s a new word that everyone is using on TikTok. What does ‘sheesh’ mean? Let’s find out.

TikTok is full of bizarre words that are often pretty difficult to understand.

People on TikTok are really secretive too, and they don’t like to reveal much about their secret vocabulary. So, it can get pretty confusing.

The latest word to take over the app is ‘sheesh’, but what does it mean? Here’s everything you need to know.

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‘Sheesh’ is taking over TikTok

As you’ve been scrolling through TikTok recently, you’ve probably seen the word ‘sheesh’ everywhere on your For You Page.

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The term is trending on TikTok right now, and people are squealing the word ‘sheesh’ in a high-pitched voice in lots of viral videos.

In fact, the hashtag #sheesh has actually had 412 million views on the app, but what does it mean?


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What does ‘sheesh’ mean?

‘Sheesh’ is actually a normal word in the dictionary, and it means “to express disbelief or exasperation”.

On TikTok, it has exactly the same meaning and is usually used to express shock, surprise or excitement in something.

We now know what it means, but where did the popular ‘sheesh’ sound originate?

The ‘sheesh’ audio explained

You’ve probably seen loads of viral videos where a person repeatedly says the word ‘sheesh’ over and over again in a high-pitched voice.

It all started when a TikTok user called @meetjulio created the sound and shared it alongside a video of a huge frog.

Now, his audio has completely taken over TikTok and ‘sheesh’ has become the latest popular slang phrase.

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