Love Alarm season 2 just dropped on Netflix and fans are already wondering about the possibility of a season 3 for the hit K-drama series.

Fans saw the first season of Love Alarm hit screens in August 2019. Since its release, Love Alarm has amassed a huge following across the world. The series is based on a book of the same name by Chon Kye-Young.

The series follows technology users that find love through an app that tells them if someone nearby is interested in them.

Season 2 was released this month on Netflix and is currently rated 7.4/10 on IMDB, making it a success. Fans are already wondering about the potential of season 3.

So, has Love Alarm been renewed for season 3?

Love Alarm season 3: Renewal

  • Love Alarm season 3 has not been officially renewed by Netflix at the time of writing this article.

Love Alarm season 2 wrapped up many questions for viewers as we saw who the app developer was as well as Kim Jo-jo’s final choice of who she wants to be with.

Should season 3 return it more than likely wouldn’t see the same love triangle as fans have seen the end result.

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However, we could see many of the same cast members return as they did for the continuation of the storyline from the first season into the second one.

Love Alarm season 3: Release date

If Love Alarm is renewed for season 3, we would imagine it would be in the Spring of 2022. The first series released in August 2019 and the second one in March 2021, though it was set to be released in August 2020.

Season 2 was delayed due to the pandemic, so we imagine the studio would hope to release season 3 in August 2021. As Studio Dragon produced the latest season (2) it would be expected season 3, would also be produced by them. The first was produced by Netflix and collaboration partners, Hidden sequence.

However, as this would be too soon, they will probably leave the appropriate year-long gap, as is with most series, meaning season 3 is expected to release in March 2022.

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